Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kuselan goes the way of Om Shanthi Om

Wow! This is gonna one of the greatest exciting thing ever in the history of Kollywood. I am sure for those who have watched Om Shanthi Om, this news is sure to raise your curiosity. If 31 leading stars of Bollywood danced with King Khan, Kuselan will have great actors of Kollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood dancing with Superstar Rajnikanth.
As known earlier, Kuselan is a remake of Malayalam movie Katha Parayum Pol that had Malayalam superstar Mamooty and Srinivasan in lead roles. With Pasupathi playing lead role, Rajnikanth the role of superstar himself. Over here, we will have many stars of filmdom playing cameo roles and also plans are being shaped up to have as many stars to dance with Rajnikanth for a song.
The first one who agreed to dance was ultimate star Ajith Kumar and now the other stars would be Kamal Haasan, Vijay, Vikram, Vishal, Madhavan and who not else? Will anyone refuse to share the screen with Superstar – The Baadshah of Indian Cinema…
Filmy Tamil will get you all more and more interesting facts about Kuselan and do keep logging for latest Kollywood news….

Kollywood Biggies of 2008

Not just with 2007, this year too will have great Tamil films making their way on the screens. Filmytamil.com presents with a brief preview of all the films:::

1. Dasavatharam
2. Kuselan
3. Naan Kadavul
4. Kuruvi
5. Sathyam
6. Vaaranam Aayiram
7. Bommalaatam
8. Kandasamy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tamil Movie Pirivoam Sandipoam review

Pirivoam Sandipoam – splendid flick
Banner: Gnyanam Films Private Ltd.
Production: A. Subaskaran and Rajamahalingam
Direction: Karu. Palaniappan
Star-casts: Cheran, Sneha, Jayaraman, Mouli, M.S. Bhaskar, Manobala, Ilavarasu, Meesai Murugesan and many others.
Music: Vidhyasagar
Lyrics: Kabilan, Yughabharathi and Jayandha.
Cinematography: M.S. Prabhu
Editing: Saravana.
Art: Rajeevan

Glancing through his entire career, Karu Palaniappan has been successful dealing with different themes. Followed by the success of Parthiban Kanavu and Sivapathigaram, he strikes with another touching flick with fantabulous theme. Much before reviewing this film, I can boldly say no one should miss this film and if you ask me why? I have a definite reason. But hold on for few moments, for first we will have a look at synopsis of this tale.
As the title goes, Pirivoam Sandipoam is about couple of different backgrounds: Joint and nuclear family systems. Natesan (Cheran) is born and brought up in joint family with more than 30 members in his family. While, in contrast, Vishalakshmi aka Saala (Sneha) is of a nuclear family as she is the only daughter to Sathappan (Mahadevan) and Vallikannu (Letchumi Ramakrishnan). Despites having good friends and parents, Saala has deep feel of loneliness and that comes to end when her marriage is fixed with Natesan. She gets more delighted for entering into wedlock with Natesan with such a happy and affectionate family. But things turn against her, when Natesan purposely takes up transfer order to Attakatthi (Hill station near Pollacchi) in order to enjoy his life with Shaala alone. Unknowing her wishes and likes, he is now in new place with busy works, while his wife is thrown into deep loneliness and pain unexpressed. Left alone for the whole, she goes insomniac and is addicted to sleeping pills. Natesan unaware of what the problem is, has no concern for Shaala and when he realizes it, situations pushes him on the urge of losing her and that’s gonna be a great loss…..

To start off with direction, Karu Palaniappan yet comes up with an unique theme that we have been missing these days. The entire first half is carried with active movement of depicting two families fixing marriage for their children: the engagement and marriage ceremony are something that many of us would not have seen at present. The joint family system portrayed over here makes us feel of taking our flight into the screen and mingling with such kind of family. On the other hand, the second half has more attention drawn towards how loneliness is the greatest suffering to all in this world however may be the ambience and your status.
When Shaala gets alienated from her family and arrives new place, Director Karu Palaniappan has carefully handled with the symptoms of herself getting into deep mental problem. This includes Shaala (Sneha) recording different noises and sounds she hears, purposely turning electrical gadgets into dysfunction and few other sorts. But you may seem to have a bit reduced pace of the story during second half. Over here, it would have been nice if director had concentrated on minimizing few shots and cutting songs.
Cheran yet comes with another naturalistic performance on the characterization of Natesan. Moreover, Cheran has nothing more to be appreciated here and credit goes to Karu Palaniappan for drawing clear picture of his character. Well, Sneha strides with both performance and dubbing with her own voice. But her gestures speak of more than enunciation of dialogues and her performance is the main limelight. Jayaraman appearing in few scenes steals the show with his dignified acting that is blended with emotional and jovial nature.
All the other characters in the film have been presented exquisitely and they have performed their best. Adding humour to the part is M.S. Bhaskar with decent comedy tracks and that includes the stuffs like ‘Gandhiji is not father of the Nation and should be called as Father of State (Gujarat) and few more….
Vidhyasagar tunes melody and background score that merges more with the film and getting the right feel of attachment to the screen. But that doesn’t go alone for M.S. Prabhu’s cinematography gets a gripping effect for the scenes…
As a whole, Pirivoam Sandipoam trips your feeling of recognizing what is happening around us in real lives. Hats off to Karu Palaniappan! And we do request him to continue making films of this sort that is necessary for all centres.
For all the viewers, we recommend you all to watch this movie for there is something you can grasp from it….
Pirivoam Sandipoam – a rare pearl in Kodambakkam…..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kannomoochi Enada - Review

Kannomoochi Enada - Curtailed show from Priya

Production: Raadan Media Networks, UTV Film Productions and Pyramid Saimira.
Direction: Priya
Star-casts: Prithviraj, Sandhya, Sathyaraj, Radhika, Radharavi, Sripriya and many others.Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Its an average effort from Director Priya when compared to her previous film Kanda Naal Mudhal where she commenced her directorial venture. The film is made in a typical way of attracting 'A' centre audience, but Priya has failed to do so. Speaking about in film in one line would be 'beating around the same bush'. The film is about a software engineer Harish (Prithviraj) and psychology student Deva (Sandhya), who after several encounters fall in love with each other. Once as they deepen in love, Harish's uncle (Radharavi) interupts and asks him to marry another woman in terms of expanding his business circle. As Deva makes her way to Chennai to her parents' 25th marriage anniversary, Harish promises her that he will win the hearts of the entire family members. As he comes to Chennai, he happens to meet Deva's father Aarmugam (Sathyaraj) for he doesnt want her daughter to get married with an unknown person to the family. However, his other family members including Aarmugam's wife Dayamanthi (Radhika) gets start liking Harish.

At some extent, even Aarmugam starts liking him and its a topsy-turvy situation, when Harish's uncle passes on a bad comment about him through fax to Aarmugam. Frustated by this, he chases him out of the house and Deva regrets him.

Remaining part of this movie is how all get united and Aarmugam approve of their relationship.

Knowing the formula of commercial movie, Priya has failed to present all entertainment factors at appropriate amount. Yuvan Shankar Raja makes a great disappointment for most of the songs doesnt seems good when seen on screen too.

Only convincing things in the movie are scenes that takes place between Sathyaraj and Sripriya and some of the comedy tracks placed between Prithviraj and Sathyaraj.

Though, its a good attempt by Priya, the film goes boring at some points and that remains as a big disappointment.

Out of 5, this film makes a score of 2.5.

5 = Excellent
4= Very Good
3= Good
2= Avertage
1= Poor

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sivaji Ganesan's wife Kamala passes away

Mrs. Kamala Ganesan, wife of veteran actor late Sivaji Ganesan breathed her last today morning at a private hospital due to prolonged illness.

She was 68 years old and is survived by her two sons actor Prabhu and his brother Ram Kumar. With her illness becoming more complicated, she was admitted in a private hospital on day before yesterday.

Sources close to her stated that she was suffering from pulmonary embolism – i.e. blockage of pulmonary artery. Family members were at her side as she was breathing her last at 10.50 am today and her body will be taken to her residence at Boag road.

We express our heartily condolence to the family who have been exposed to a great loss.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


R.K.Productions, the home company of Dhanush is producing a movie titled SADDAM HUSSAIN. Dhanush who was impressed by the story penned by Director Ram of Katradhu Thamizh fame. The story revolves around a youth, who eliminates the evil from the society. This film is being directed by Ram will have Bhavana pairing with Dhanush for the first time. Yuvan Shankar Raja will be composing the music for this film.

Kaalai not for Diwali

Amongst many of the great films getting released out of cans Kaalai remained one among them and now the releasing date of the movie being postponed from Diwali, i.e. on November 7 to November 20. With the shooting for the film completed, the post production works have now kicked off.
Simbu is now busy working for the post production works and followed by that he will be taking up his penned story titled Kettavan. Buzzes are that in Kaalai, the song sung by Mamta Mohandas and Simbu is going to rock and remain one of the main highlights of the movie. G V Prakash composes music for the film and also is involved in scoring music for the film Polladhavan starring Dhanush and Ramya in the lead roles.

After completing Kaalai and Kettavan, Simbhu will gear up with his next project titled Silambattam and buzzes are that he is ready to offer Rs. 65 Lakhs for Shriya Charan to play the female lead role in the movie.